We are performing general reserve determination methodologies in accordance with international standards and practice, and maintained digitally along with core data as necessary.

Computer supported Mine Design and 3D reserve programs that are widely used are the programs that complete tasks such as mine exploration, drilling, reserve determination, open and closed pit designs as well as geological cross-sectioning in few minutes.

We are carrying out R&D and reserve modelling which help accomplishment of the works rapidly thanks to our experienced work force and consultants as well as international methodologies, software and techniques. Underground geological surveys and drills are carried out/being carried out in-house using international ore determination programs. We are able to identify location and depth of ore structures, open pit stripping amount, total operating reserve calculations with high accuracy in 3D format. Thus, while such works take long time using analytical drawings and calculations, we are able to perform these verifications in much shorter time through our knowledge and experience within time limits.


Upon transfer of the field to Alser Madencilik in year 2013, exploration works carried out in a more rational and planned manner. Geological surveys and underground drill works are assessed by our technical teams with a sound approach particularly at specific pits.

Prospection of all fields in 1/5000 scale detail are completed regularly in 2015 and onward, identifying chromium potential of the fields as well as expectation.

Approximately 10,000 m of exploration was completed by drilling works planned regularly on annual basis. Underground drill works are carried out by in-house teams using our own equipment, and surface drills are carried out by our engineering teams. Reserve determination methods conforming to international standards are used in these tasks. Therefore, both financing and reserve determinations are reliably assessed by 3rd persons.

Furthermore, geophysical research and development methodologies are used under supervision of our engineering teams for research and development of virgin territories, making contribution to drilling plans accordingly.