Alser Production

Alser Madencilik quickly mobilized after taking over the existing mine field in virgin condition, and upon completion of research and drilling works, made pit and gallery investments at various locations of the field in order to improve production and rapidly commenced production operations. Alser ensured a regular increase on annual basis through a quick progress with its experienced mining engineers, accelerated investments and became one of the few manufacturers and exporters of Turkey in piece production.

Sieving Facility :

In line with the diversity of the products obtained from production process as well as increasing demand for Alser products in the international markets, company installed sieving facilities in order to segregate products and increase product variety, and therefore increased customer diversity and product range.

Enrichment Facility :

In accordance with the product quality assessments and R&D analysis carried in laboratory environment, company focused on enrichment of existing ores and made a jig facility investment, resulting in sales of products with added value.

Today, Alser continues its efforts and investments in order to create a true integrated value chain in production with its range of products manufactured under several qualities.